Motivation – Failure’s worst enemy


Disappointment and failure are two of life’s most difficult frustrations to surpass. Whether it’s an exam, an interview, or your own personal battle, it’s hard to come to terms with failure when you know you’ve given something your all; tried your hardest; given it 110% (basically any clichΓ© about working your socks off!).

One of the worst things about failure is its unforgiving nature. When you’ve faced disappointment once, you’re able to muster up the determination to give it another shot. Yet countless failures can feel like a constant battle which leave you feeling as defeated (if not worse) than the first let-down.

So how do we retaliate against this cruel and merciless force that is failure?

We use our greatest weapon – Motivation. We continue to fight until we ultimately succeed. If we surrender to failure, all of the battlewounds from the previous disappointments will be for nothing. Motivation is failure’s worst enemy – although relentless failure may have managed to deter us, unyielding motivation will always succeed. 
Remember, you may have lost some battles, but you can still win the war.