2015 – My 24th chance


So 2015 is well and truly upon us. How many of those New Year’s resolutions have already been pushed aside, waiting to re-emerge at 11:58pm, 31/12/15? How many of you have already scoffed on a chocolate bar, whilst vowing to go to the gym five times a week; and who has snuck out for a quick fag, after declaring that they’d be smoke-free come 01/01/15? By setting yourself unsustainable resolutions, your issues will remain unresolved for yet another year.

When it comes addressing an issue, we often tell ourselves that we’ll do it tomorrow, or the next day, or even the day after that. As Ronan Keating once said (Yes – I did just quote Mr Keating!), what if ‘tomorrow never comes?’. Maybe if we consider each day as another ‘chance’, we’ll actually get a whole lot more done!

That is why this year, my resolution is a simple one: Resolute to achieve every goal I set myself. I turn 24 this year. That means I have over 23 years’ worth of memories, mistakes and experience behind me. This year, rather than trying to address singular issues whilst neglecting other matters, which I have done many a time before, I am determined to make full use of my 24th chance at life. That means ensuring that my ‘tomorrows’ will become my ‘todays’.

Happy New Year! Make this chance count!