I am a User – Show me your goods!


Marketing Week Live 2014 certainly opened my eyes to a lot of innovative and exciting ideas which are being utilised and developed in the Marketing Industry – particularly in Digital Marketing. The most valuable knowledge I picked up from the event was the sheer importance of Digital Marketing. Although it is problematic to claim that ‘gone are the days of traditional Marketing’, it was clear from the stands and talks at the exhibition, that Digital Marketing is theย market toย market. Companies who do not jump on the digital band-wagon are being left behind! Bastien Schupp, VP of Marketing at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, gave an interesting insight into Marketing in the Automotive Industry. He spoke about how despite the high quality vehicles which some car companies were manufacturing, they failed to thrive as their Marketing strategies were not as innovative as their industry. James Cherkoff, Course Director at CIM, highlighted the importance of the ‘User Experience’. As a result of our progressive world, the user experience is ever-changing. It is the role for Marketing folk to ensure that they adapt their content to keep up with its stride, whilst ensuring that the user continues to get the best experience – both on and offline.

It is as simple as this.

It is the role of a Company to ensure that the transition from traditional to content Marketing is seamless. The user’s needs have not changed, however the means to those needs have. Companies need to demonstrate that they are able to provide users with both a reliable and innovative experience.

Now that is ‘Content’ Marketing (Mind the pun).