The Unknown – The monster under our beds.


What are you afraid of?

Ghosts? Darkness? Job interviews? The future?

When you’re a child, you believe that adults have no fear – they are able to fend off the monsters in your cupboard and bring light into the darkest of rooms. It is only as you grow older and become an adult yourself, that you realise no adult is fearless. Although their idea of terror may not be an eight-eyed ghoul lurking under their bed, their fear will still evoke the same sense of anxiety and dread. It could be fear of an upcoming job interview; the possibility of being made redundant whilst having a family to support; the gruelling wait for test results from a doctor.

Whatever the fear, it can consume you and have you tossing and turning at night, waiting for your terrifying monster to strike!

The overriding factor of fear is the unknown.

As a child, darkness is terrifying as your surroundings become unknown. Your imaginative mind creates monsters which you cannot see and protect yourself against.

As an adult, thoughts about the future, which you cannot control, can have you hiding under the covers, not wanting to face reality.

It’s about time we face those demons. In the same way that those childhood fears could simply be conquered by switching on a light, our adult fears can also be fought.

Rather than fearing what might happen, we should ‘switch on’ our own lights –  Research, plan and prepare for those ‘might’s’ and make the unknown the inevitable.

Once the light is on, the fear should disappear.