‘No Pain, No Gain’ – It’s not just a physical thing!


A decade ago (that’s scary to say), I was more than happy to scoff on burgers, pizzas and chips at lunch time with not a care in the world. Participating in netball a few times a week was all the exercise I needed apparently (ah youth!). Unfortunately, gone are the days where you can eat like a pig, yet look like an athlete. Nowadays, maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t include an hour of group activities, followed by a chicken burger and chips! However, I’ve come to the conclusion that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about your diet and fitness. The concept can be transferred to all aspects of life: Education. Jobs. Relationships.

It’s all about a lifestyle change…

Basic characteristics required to maintain your physical wellbeing include: Perseverance – to run that mile further, despite the pain, because you know your fitness levels will improve in the long run; Determination – to lose that extra five pounds in an attempt to reach your target weight; and Discipline – choosing to say ‘no’ to the appetising cake and opt for the healthier apple instead.

So how about adopting these principles to other parts of our life?

Discipline yourself – When it’s a few days before a major deadline, don’t go out and get hammered. Keep that end result in mind and give it a final push!

Be Determined – Although the rejections are coming in thick and fast, don’t be disheartened! Keep applying for those jobs and putting yourself out there because, as the Lottery slogan goes – you have to be in it to win it!

Keep persevering – There will always be difficult times in a relationship – that’s what life’s about. Overcoming these instances is what helps us grow as individuals, and as a couple.  When you reach those inevitable obstacles, work together to surpass them as it will only strengthen your relationship!

When we’re physically training ourselves, we say ‘no pain, no gain’, to push ourselves that little bit further. If we apply this psychology to all aspects of our life, we’ll see those same results. The next time that ‘pain’ kicks in, be disciplined, determined and persevere – you might just see the ‘gains’…