The experience of inexperience – it’s a ‘chicken and egg’ situation


When the majority of us leave university, we have a hopeful (and somewhat naive) belief in our minds that our dream job is going to fall right on our lap – or thereabouts! We’re all aware of the bleak job market but we know we have the skills to tackle whatever is thrown our way. We’ve all experienced the horror of writer’s block a day before a major deadline and complete cluelessness whilst surrounded by mountains of books, with not the foggiest idea of what we’re doing! We believe that these ‘experiences’ should grant us a so-called ‘fast-track’ onto the career-ladder. However, like all those before us, reality soon hits. We realise that, although we’ve had an experience, it may not necessarily be the experience which our potential employers are looking for. Time and time again, we’re bombarded with that same, relentless message: ‘Experience required’. This constant reminder of our inexperience can leave us feeling disheartened as our experience is considered inadequate. This is when I think it’s important to remember the mystery of ‘The chicken and the egg’. Everything starts somewhere. Although we may not be aware of when our inexperience will become an experience, it’s important that we do not neglect the experiences we already have as we have all got to start somewhere…


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